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Delicious Biriyani Restaurant

The BiryaniCafe is an Indian restaurant started in 2016, with employee’s hard work and an uncompromising attitude towards quality and service made BiryaniCafe to become one of most popular Indian restaurant in city. We always emphasized on taste and ensured that Indian food made at our restaurant was both delicious and unique. This has been achieved by meticulous selection of ingredients prepared from quality masala products.

Keeping to our mission to serve quality Indian food we travel to India, hand pick the spices from different states to maintain local flavors. Constant nature and mouthwatering taste of BiryaniCafe menu attributed to the fact that all ingredients were prepared by Chef’s. Uncompromising attitude of owners made it possible to serve best South and North Indian dishes in one place. Our Chef’s explored biryani flavors by traveling to all corners of Hyderabad city (Capital of Biryani) to bring Hyderabadi Dum Biryani flavor to our signature menu.



— Best Quality —

We have most experienced Chef’s with more than 15 years of experience who thrive for quality. Their outstanding work earned us standing name in the city and became a landmark for best Indian food in this competitive environment by serving up to customer satisfaction.

— Cleanliness —

There is no point to serve Quality food when customer can’t with stand our place. We take utmost care to maintain the place clean. We are one of the restaurants in city who welcomes customers to take a look into our kitchen any time because we keep it clean all time.

— Speed of Service —

Beside Quality we do believe service makes difference that’s why we strive to make our customers feel comfortable while they are having fun with Family & Friends. Our Friendly service makes customers feel they are at dining table in their home.


Team Work is our success

  • Caterings
    All type of foods

    We the Biriyanicafe caterings, believes you eat with your eyes first, then with your mouth. Our experienced team of chefs create distinguished displays that are sure to impress your guests..

  • Pickups
    Phone ordered and pick up

    When customer call and order by phone, it's clear that food will be consumed offsite. Food item shall be pick it up by the customer from our biriyanicafe.

  • Dinning/Bufffet
    Tasty Food

    A buffet is a system of serving meals in which food is placed in a common area where the diners generally serve themselves. In this case, still we have waiters to serve drinks and others beverages.


Our Customer Reviews

Best choice to eat

At last found a place to eat Authentic South indian food.

Raj Orlando
Delicious Biriyani

Definitely lives up to name BiriyaniCafe. I like the biriyani here never gets tired of eating

Chaitanaya Tampa
Friendly and inexpensive

Not only Biryani every thing is good here. Very friendly staff, great food. Reasonable portions and good prices.

Divya Tampa


We are always here for you

1251, E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612(813) 972-7400(813) 972-7400If you have any questions, we are here to assist you. We do our best to make your wish easier and happier! See you soon!
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